About Personal Training

When it comes to creating your individualised training programme we have your absolute best interest at heart, which is why we offer a few different options. Everyone is completely different and therefore require different styles and methods to achieving their goals or keeping a consistent lifestyle. Do you prefer a one on one approach or are you more comfortable in a group setting? Session duration, frequency and intensity will be modified to accommodate you in the best way possible while still working towards improvements.

Personal training is an amazing option to introduce exercise into your weekly schedule. It is one on one based training that focuses on your individual goals, correct form, exercise education & a firm push in the right direction. This is the optimal tool in staying motivated & keeping consistent with your lifestyle.

Price per MonthSessionsDuration
 R720 4 Per Month30 Minutes
 R1440 8 Per Month30 Minutes
 R2126 12 Per Month30 Minutes
 R 288016 Per Month30 Minutes
 Price per MonthSessionsDuration
 R1120 4 Per Month 45 Minutes
 R2240 8 Per Month 45 Minutes
 R3360 12 Per Month 45 Minutes
 R4480 16 Per Month 45 Minutes

This fun & dynamic option allows for the benefits of having a personal trainer but also incorporates a more social element. Training in partners or groups creates a competitive yet motivating environment while keeping things relaxed & affordable.

 Price Per Month Sessions Duration
 R560 p/p 4 per month 30 Minutes
 R1120 p/p 8 per month30 Minutes
R1680 p/p 12 per month30 Minutes
 R2240 p/p 16 per month30 Minutes

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