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“I have been training with Emma for 5 years. In the begining Emma helped me lose about 10kgs of weight and since then through diet and excercise, she has helped me maintain that weight loss and has kept me fit and healthy.” View Testimonial

“She has really helped me create an eating plan for me, to suit my body type and also the type of training I do. What I love about training with Emma is, she keeps the training sessions fresh and new every week as well as keeping them challenging!” View testimonial

“I absolutely love our sessions together, she is hilarious and she has such amazing personality and such skill to really get the best out of me…” View Testimonial

“The way you change mentally and physically is just incredible! I can only highly recommend Emma.” View Testimonial

“As a guy I thought I knew what I was doing , until Emma came along and we included functional training with weights and training body parts I didn’t know had any muscle!” View Testimonial

“I have been training with Emma for 2 years now, she definitly has one of the most vibrant personalities I have ever come across. She is funny as well as loving and caring which is everyhting you look for in a trainer.” View Testimonial

“Emma is an awesome trainer, I always have a blast with her…I have definitly lost weight and my strength overall has increased..” View Testimonial

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