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Corporate Wellness Plans

This package is designed specifically to cover all aspects of wellness. Nutrition, fitness, immune boosting, goal strategies and productivity improvements make up the foundation of this plan. We utilise online platforms, activations, in-house educational seminars and group incentive sessions. The main aim here is to combat staff absenteeism, improve overall productivity and implement healthy habits that will allow for a strong body and focused mind.

Nutrition & Recipe Guides

We believe that overall health begins with what we nourish ourselves with. This package assists in education and providing comprehensive nutrition guidance. Education, tools, goal setting sessions & personalised nutrition guides. We teach you how to fuel your body and mind for success.

Fitness & Workout Guides

Physical health, strength and fitness play a massive role in our overall well-being, confidence and bodily functions. We encourage activity in a variety of forms that we assist you to implement into your schedule and lifestyle. Effective, manageable and loads of fun! Our programmes and courses are unbeatable when wanting to improve on your physical goal.


Supplements & Immune Boosting

We understand how busy schedules can get, the strain of regular travel and the stress within the workplace. We want to make this journey as easy as possible and therefore we feel it’s vital to share some effective tools to assist you with boosting your immune system, getting in all your macro and micro nutrients as well as educating you in understanding how to look after your well-being as best as possible.


Healthy Habits & Mindset

Our minds are incredibly powerful tools and work hand in hand with staying positive, motivated and keeping ourselves accountable. This package sheds light on how we are able to assist you with your mental strength, discipline and overall will power. Something that can be applied to both your physical, in-office and mental health. We provide the tools needed, necessary steps and scientific formulas.


Events Conferences & Retreats

Warrior Warehouse loves to get involved at events, seminars, retreats, wellness expos and  motivational days. Not only do we love sharing our years of knowledge but also our most effective strategies in living the healthiest and most productive lifestyle. Your success is our most valuable business card and we enjoy speaking words of encouragement and providing tools to allow for expansion, growth and overall success. Individual improvement leads to community driven greatness!

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