Corporate Wellness Plans


This package is designed specifically to cover all aspects of wellness. Nutrition, fitness, immune boosting, goal strategies and productivity improvements make up the foundation of this plan. We utilise online platforms, activations, in-house educational seminars and group incentive sessions. The main aim here is to combat staff absenteeism, improve overall productivity and implement healthy habits that will allow for a strong body and focused mind.

Options Include:

  • 1 year contract: will allow the corporate access to all Warrior Warehouse offerings. Nutrition guides, recipes, workout plans, supplements, immune boosting, healthy habits, mind-set tools, monthly check ins, webinars, online coaching, events & wellness days etc. Each employee would have access to me and my team in order to stay motivated, receive maximum support and achieve personal results/goals.
  • Once off project will include a basic guide for each employee to follow to assist them with nutrition, fitness, overall well-being, mind set practices and a live online coaching session & in-house presentation! This plan will be dispersed and implementation will take place within a one month time frame. This will allow each individual to set goals, reach out for assistance and to get on track/begin their wellness journey!


Additional information


1 year contract monthly retainer 0-50 ppl, 1 year contract monthly retainer 50-100 ppl, 1 year contract monthly retainer 100 & more ppl, Once off project fee (1 month 0-50 ppl), Once off project fee (1 month 50-100 ppl), Once off project fee (1 month 100 & more ppl)