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Our individual eating plans are designed specifically for you to achieve your goals. These are carefully manufactured and tailored to incorporate healthy recipes, a variety of daily options and a calorie count. These are also designed to be well balanced, maintainable and really delicious giving you enough energy to train and to still enjoy all of your meals. Contact us to get your personalised eating plan, this will change your life!

How it works

If you would like to order a personalised eating plan, please make payment below and answer the survey that follows. This will allow for your information to be processed. You will then receive a phone call confirming all personal details and go through a mobile consultation. Thereafter your plan will be put together and sent directly to you. You will have full access to me for questions and continuous updates.

Download the survey and send the completed survey, along with you proof of payment, to

Healthy Tips

People that live healthy lifestyles are found to be happier, slimmer and more successful in their work and social lives.

2-3 litres of water per day can aid in feeling more energetic, helping the digetive system and keeping the organs funtioning properly.

Exercise helps to ward off many diseases, keeps your immune system functioning at its peak and allows your body to function at its best!

Exercising regularly has shown to aid in metabolic health, muscle & joint conditioning, better sleep patterns and being more productive.

People who eat more consistently/regulary are found to keep a healthier metabolism, weight, BMI & body fat.

The average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep per night to maintain their optimum well-being.

People that exercise daily boost their brainpower and melt away stress leaving them able to tackle more with less effort.

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