Established in 2014 by Owner and founder Emma Jooste, Warrior Warehouse can only be described as a “Lifestyle Company.” We embody all things health and fitness, providing you with only the highest quality when taking your body to new heights. The brand continues to grow internationally and enjoys uplifting and empowering people of all walks of life to reach their potential, learn their worth and become healthier, fitter and more balanced individuals.

Working full time in a gym environment filling her days with clientele of all ages, shapes and backgrounds, she works closely with people to understand their various demands and everyday challenges. Teaching them to rebuild their daily patterns, motivating them to want more for themselves and strengthening their minds. “This is my greatest pleasure in life and ultimate passion.” says Emma.

Since starting her career in the health and fitness industry she has moved into a bigger and busier gym which is now her full time home. She has given group classes as well as personalised training and is also the resident Stretch & Conditioning Coach at a local dance institution. She is also currently working towards a few fitness shows and some exciting new projects that she will be sharing in the near future. A true force to be reckoned with!

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